Contribution: An Investment In The Future

The Mission Minded Artist (MMA) is a missions sending agency for artistic people. Our vision statement is “… to see a culture influenced for Christ by artistic people“. Global Missions have changed dramatically since the first American missionary, George Lisle, left for Jamaica in 1782. Today, missionaries come in all races, serve in various countries and utilize diverse strategies to fulfill the “Great Commission” (Matt 28:19-20). Artists have taken their place as short term and long term missionaries along side church planters and doctors.

Our mission is “… to disciple artists in becoming Mission-Minded“. MMA is identifying, training and coaching artists at home and abroad in the process of “intentionally using art to expand the kingdom of God“. Please join us in this great and innovative adventure by making an investment in the future.

The arts are powerful and God-given. They can influence our lives and culture for good or evil. It is the secular artists that are now “evangelizing” and “discipling” the nations. When the Church once again gives validation and significant patronage to the arts as it has in the past, our postmodern world will be able to witness transcendent works of art that point to the redemptive work of Christ, and the transforming power of the Gospel in our individual lives and in cultures. – Colin Harbinson

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