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What is a Mission Minded Artist?

   Allan Wiltshire, II

That is a great question and I am glad that you asked.

Example – Frank and Heart Sounds

At age 62, Frank Fortunato is traveling around the world in search of unique worship sounds. Frank is a combination missionary and ethno-musicologist. For the past 20 years, he has been writing and teaching around the world on worship and the worship of indigenous peoples. A keyboard player and arranger in his own right, Frank has been a driving force behind the AD 2000 movement and has authored numerous articles on the topic of worship and missions.

His recent work, Heart Sounds, is a demonstration CD of global Christian worship songs. These songs have never been heard by the Western world prior to their publishing in this form. “Every people of the earth, and every family of the nations will remember and turn to the Lord and worship Him”, Psalms 22:27.

Frank and his team of audio engineers, under the umbrella of Heart Sounds International, travel to the remotest part of the world to record the sounds of these local people worshiping their God in their native language, rhythm, harmony and melodic structure. Frank calls it “their heart song to God“.

The sounds of this indigenous worship captured on Heart Sounds, spans Tunisia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Bosnia, the Sudan and many other places that are just around the corner from downtown USA. Psalms 22:27, is the scriptural theme behind Frank’s work …

“Every people of the earth, and every family of the
nations will remember and turn to the Lord and worship Him”

Frank has a clear focus in the use of his art for the kingdom of God. All of his efforts are run through the filter of his focus and he is able to determine if an effort will take him closer to or further away from his goal. In so doing, the mission is clear–promote the heart song of the global Christian community – this is done through music, art and video. Frank Fortunato is a clear example of a Mission Minded Artist.

A Working Definition

Anyone can be purposeful in the use of art or any thing else. So then, what is it about the way art is used that makes a Mission Minded Artist? Well it’s not the art, rather the artist.

A Mission Minded Artist (MMA) is a redeemed artist that demonstrates:

* Spiritual fruitfulness
* Artistic Excellence
* The intentional use of art to expand the kingdom of God
* Cultural relevance, and
* Cultural sensitivity

Frank is only one of many examples that have been out there for years. I’d like to hear of your examples, please send them to me. Email me at

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