The Mission Minded Artist

Welcome to our web site! Please take a few minutes to review the pages, newsletters and video clips.

About this site …

The purpose of our website is to give the reader a ministry overview. You will learn what our ministry is, who we target and how to get involved. We hope you will discover, as we have, what kind of impact the unique blend of Arts and Missions is having around the world.

The “Arts” of our ministry is not limited to music, rather it encompasses all areas of art such as dance, drama, visual arts and music. As diverse as the world’s expressions are, equally diverse are the artists from around the world that produce the art.

A Mission Minded Artist – is a Redeemed Artist that is intentional with the use of art to expand the kingdom of God. This site will focus on those that fit the description and will highlight their impact on the world where they live. Hearing and reading about these people is exciting but not as exciting as taking a trip to see who they are and learn first hand of how God is using them.

Enjoy the site and please begin preparing your heart to Go – Send – Bring – Support.

– Allan Wiltshire